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Spring Conference Presentations
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Presentations from TFMA Conferences

Houston Conference Presentations (Spring 2016)

Track A​ Presentations - 

A1 - 2D Flow Modeling in Liberty County

 A2 - Inundation Mapping as Planning Tool

A3 - Langham Creek Presentation

A4 - Glen Forest Detention Basin

 Track B Presentations 

B1 - HCFCD Discharge Program

B2 - Project Brays

B3 - GB Wetlands Mitigation

B4 -  Estimating Avoided Losses

Track C Presentations

C1 - Cost Effective Approach to Risk Map

C2 - Digital Dam Inspections

C3 - Dam Hazard Classification with HEC-RAS 2D-v7

C4 - Fort Worth FMP

Track D Presentations

D1 - Langdon Road

D2 - Cottage Grove LID

D3 - Breaking New Ground LID

D4 - Lindale Branch Storm Sewer

Track E Presentations 

E1 - Rain on the Mesh

E2 - A Tale of Three Rainfalls

E3 - Inlets to Outlets

E4 - Lower Rio Grande Valley Colonias Assessment 

Track F Presentations 

F1 - Managing Flooding in Place

F2 - Making LID Practical

F3 - Stormwater Committee

Track G Presentations 

G1 - Floodplain Administrators Check List Discussion

Track H Presentations

H1 - USACE General Regulations

Wednesday Presentations 

2 - Interagency Flood Risk Management

3 - HCFD

4 - Wimberley Strong

5 - One Creek Two Floods

6 - Challenge of Urban Flooding 

Thursday Presentations

Ross Richardson FEMA

Luncheon Presentation

Friday Presentations

 1 - BOAT Post Damage Assessments

2 - NOAA

3 - Flood Fighting Drones

4 - The Big Event is Over



Irving Conference Presentations (Spring 2015)


 Track A/E Presentation -

Examining the Impact of Watershed Development and Flood Control on Flood Discharge

Eastland Open Channel Study and 2D Model Case Study

Alternative to HEC-GEORGAS

Track E/F Presentation - 

GIS For Floodplain Managers

City of Arlington's Unified Stormwater Ordinance & Design Criteria manual

Working With Streams in the Urban Environment instead of Against them

Highland Park town hall flood proofing and Lexington Avenue Tunnel

Holistic Watershed Master planning in San Antonio River Basin

Track C - 

Flood Protection in Garland

Mill Creek Relief Project

Huffhines Creek Watershed Drainage Relief Study

Track D - 

New York Rising Community Recovery Program

At-School detention is for stormwater too

A Resilience success story

Overcoming Misconceptions about Flooding

Track G - 

Low Water Crossing in Urbanized Areas

Levee safety in North Texas

The Importance of Modeling Historic Rainfall Events

Grapevine Presentations:

The Role of TFMA and TMAC to help FEMA make a more resilient nation

An Overview of FEMA's Survey on Flood Risk Awareness

More Changes coming to the NFIP - What to expect

NCTCOG - Vision for Regional Floodplain Management

Apparent Divergence in Statistical and Process-Based Flood Hydrology

A Cowboy Looks at FEMA Through TxDOT Eyes

2014 TFMA Annual Spring Conference

Wednesday & Friday Plenary Sessions:

CFM Mentor Program Update
Mike Howard Lectureship: Floodplain Management in Texas - Pointing the Way to More Effective Mitigation in the Future
Floodplain Management Services Program
Changes to the National Flood Insurance Program - What to Expect
Floodways - Do we really need them?
Update on CoCoRaHs
Reaching our Communities
The Missouri CTP Approach: How to Successfully integrate programs to achieve flood resiliency
Proposal for Updating Precipitation Frequency Estimates for Texas
A 25-Year History - The Impact of the Trinity River Corridor Development Certificate (CDC) Program
Buy your way out of trouble: How to create a successful floodplain buyout program   
Thursday Concurrent Sessions
Track A: Hydrology & Hydraulics - Part 1

Using Integrated Catchment Modeling (ICM) Dynamic Analysis for Wildcat Branch
Benefits of combined 1D/2D Models for Neighborhood Flood Studies
Developing a Citywide 2D Model for Stormwater Master Planning
Visualizing Levee Failures and Performance through 2D Techniques
Flood Model: A Valuable Tool to Accomplish CRS and Storm Water Outreach Programs
Hydrology Options for Dynamic Modeling at the Inlet Level  

Track B: Floodplain Managers Tools
Elevation Certificate Diagrams...Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
Why Floodplain Administrators should review CLOMRs and LOMRs
Floodplain Manager's Toolkit
We Hear you! The city of Fort Worth Stormwater Division Addresses Development Review Concerns   

Track C: Floodplain Management Strategies
Design Criteria for Terminal Storage Reservoirs
Seclusion in FEMA Region 6
"Don't you know Step-by-Step" A 3 phase dam safety compliance exercise for Koko Lago in East Central Texas
A Different Approach: Storage restoration of Playa lakes (Part 1)  

Track D: Halloween Floods
Blanco river Overflow Phenomenon - 2D Modeling and the 2013 Halloween Flood in San Marcos, TX
The Halloween Flood 2013   

Track E: Hydrology & Hydraulics - Part II
When to Rock but not to Roll
Between a Rock and Historic Homes: Underground Detention in a Historic Fort Worth Neighborhood
Low-Impact Development Strategies for Panther Island
Bexar County Flood Warning System
Solving Flooding Problems for a Neighborhood Divided   

Track F: Permitting & Flood Insurance
Understanding Environmental Permitting and Mitigation in the Floodplain
Section 404 and TXRAM - Update
Important Stuff you Need to Know about FEMA, TCEQ, and the Corps to Stay out of Trouble
FloodSmart Partners in Resilience: Engaging Insurance Agents  

Track G: Case Studies
Mastered! Developing a Successful Stormwater Master Plan for your community
Cypress Creek Overflow Management Plan
Managing Flood Risk without a Defined Floodplain

Fall 2013

TFMA New in Mitigation Presentation

 FloodSax to protect your assets


Fall 2012

 A1 Flood Pro Austin
A2 Floodplain and Stormwater APP
A3 Comparison of FIS Channel Studies
A4 City of Waco FEMA Floodplain Revision 
B2 BMP and LID Pilot Studies
C1 A Comparison of Two Dimensional Models
C2 Leveraging Local Funds
C3 Kerrville July 2002 Flood
C4 Two Year anniversary TS Hermine Williamson County
D1 Mary's Creek H&H
D2 Where did the Creek Go
D3 Distributed Hyd Model Woodlands
D4 Lower Dudley Branch
E1 League City Home Elevations
E2 A look at Levees
E3 Fort Bend Map MOD impacts to Pecan Grove
E4 TRWD Upper Trinity Flood Operations Decision
F4 Leon Creek Interconnect Ariel Crossing
FP Ethics and Floodplain Management
 FP NFIP Reform Act
FP Why Communicate Flood Risk
Lunch Speaker Educating for Public Sustainability
WP Extreme Makeover Part 1
WP Extreme Makeover Part 2
2012 Lunch
WP FEMA - Fracking
WP History FPM Floods North Texas
WP Web Based NWS Services
5a USACE Update




Spring 2012

A Cost Effective Alternative to Typical Hydraulic Modeling
Application of BDF
ASFPM Foundation Update
Challenges for Small Cities
Evolution of the Structural Elevation Industry
Flood Talk
Las Colonias 2010 Flood Study
Moving Forward
Noah Had It Easy
No Adverses Impact
Rain by the Cubit
TFMA Freeboard Survey


Spring 2011

Las Colinas Flood Study
Drainage in Laredo
Storm Sewer Tanner Road
Not Just Detention
Lake Worth BMP Study
Functional Stream Asssessment
Quicksand Graveyards JV Channel
Seven Steps Hazard Warning
Flood Forecasting in Harris County
Fort Sam Houston Drainage
Land Use Planning Leon Creek
Leon Creek Master Plan
Downstream Impacts of Neighborhood Attenuatio
Eastern Hills FWISD Multi-Use Basin
Effects of Flow Path
Watershed Master Planning
Determining BFEs Zone A
Tex Anna Story
Flood Inundation Mapping NWS
Fort Bend County Levees
Fort Bend Roadway Hazard
Memo 64 LOMC ESA
ASFPM Foundation
Flood Risk
Freeboard Survey
Sugar Land Welcome
USGS Overview
Rainfall Frequency Analysis for New Braunfels, TX

Fall 2010

A1 TxDot Part 1
A2 TxDot Part 3
A3 TxDot Part 5
C1 Complex Urban Drainage in Houston Solved
C6 Laddie Place Presentation
C7 Quartile Rainfall
D5 Obtaining Federal Funding 
F1 eLOMA Determination Tool
F2 LOMC Presentation
F3 FEMA Map Revisions
F4 Wharton Drainage Maintenance
F5 Dam Breach Presentation
F6 Advanced Visualization Techniques
F7 Brownwood FEMA Restudy
Fri Austin Flood Warning
Fri Austin Media Flood Study
Fri Llano County High Water Marks
Fri TNRIS Mapping Update
Legislative Update
Thur Comal County FPM Enforcement
Thur FEMA Taking Ownership
Thur Hermine Floods
Thur NWS Hydro Products
TX Association of Counties
WKS 6 Mitigation Grants Part 1
WKS 6 Mitigation Grants Part 2
Educational Radio Ad
Educational Spanish Radio Ad
Storm Radio Ad
Storm Spanish Radio Ad


Spring 2010

Fall 2009

Spring 2009

ASFPM Foundation Report: Floodplain Management 2050 
CFM Decertification: How to Safely Maintain Your CFM 
City of Austin Flood Early Warning System
City of Roma Flood 
Envirosoph ASCE Workshop
Flood Insurance Grandfathering for the Local Official 
Hays County Workshop Presentation
LCRA Hydromet System & its use in Flood Situations
NWS Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service

Rice University Presentation - Nick Fang
SARA Floodworks implementationin the San Antonio River Basin 
Solutions for Hydrologic Analysis, Real time Prediction, & Management of Storm Water

TWDB: NFIP Mapping Services
Texas Municipal Drainage Utility Survey 2008
2009 Freeboard Survey

2009 Annual B2 GIS & Unsteady HECRAS
2009 Annual B3 Localized Flooding Solutions

2009 Annual C1 Developing a Stormwater Master Planf or Fort Worth
2009 Annual C2 Leon Creek Watershed Master Plan
2009 Annual C3 Travis County Drainage Basin Study
2009 Annual C4 Why a Basin-Wide Study
2009 Annual C5 Lebow Channel
2009 Annual C6 Temple Drainage Master Plan Update
2009 Annual C7 What good is a drainage master plan 
2009 Annual D2 What history can teach you about your watershed
2009 Annual D3 Forecasting Storm Surge on Rivers and Streams
2009 Annual D4 Flood Innundation Mapping NWS

2009 Annual D5 Halff Floodplain & Stormwater Management
2009 Annual D6 Rolling with the Flow
2009 Annual D7 Gainesville Flood Damage Reduction
2009 Annual Drainage Utility Programs
2009 Annual E1 Sustainable Floodplain Management
2009 Annual E2 Floodproofing
2009 Annual E5 Integrated Solutions
2009 Annual E6 Rehabilitation of Historic Br...
2009 Annual E7 Leverag ingInvestments
2009 Annual Flood Mitigation Assistance SRL Program
2009 Annual Map Mod to Risk Map Transition
2009 Annual Texas Flash Flood War Council
2009 Annual Curse of the Minimum Standards




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