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TFMA Deputy Executive Director

Organization: TFMA
Date Posted: 5/13/2019
City: Austin/Cedar Park
Location: Texas
Country: United States
Primary Category: Non-Profit
Type of Position: Part-Time
Experience Requirement: 3-5 years

Description & Details


Preferred Qualifications:      

· Good standing active CFM status or retired CFM or willing to acquire CFM certification within 6 months

· Previous leadership experience, such as serving on a non-profit or association or committee chair position

· Minimum 5-years’ experience in the field of floodplain management or closely related field


Deputy Executive Director Responsibilities: 

· Assist and support the TFMA Executive Director as appropriate

· Attend TFMA Board of Directors meetings, TFMA Regional meetings, FEMA CAP meetings, flood-related conferences and other meetings representing TFMA

· Assist and support all TFMA Committees in their efforts.

· Assist the TFMA Executive Office as needed.

· Provide any other Executive Director duties when needed.


TFMA Executive Director Responsibilities (for reference):

The TFMA Executive Director is the overall face of the association who provides leadership and guidance to both the TFMA Executive Office and the TFMA Board of Directors.  The ED’s responsibilities include:

·  Managing the overall operations of the TFMA Office and Staff including staff evaluations.

·  Attending all TFMA Board of Directors Meetings, TFMA Regional Meetings, FEMA CAP meetings, NFIP conferences and other meetings representing the Association.

·  Scheduling and attending periodic meetings with the NFIP State Coordinator (TWDB) and other partner agencies.

·  Attending ASFPM Conferences, Forums and Symposiums on behalf of TFMA.

· Developing a plan and schedule to coordinate floodplain management activities with local, state and federal agencies, along with other associations. The ED focuses on building and maintaining relationships between TFMA and partner agencies and associations.

· Providing guidance and support to the TFMA Board of Directors, Office Staff, and Committees to research and submit applications for federal and state grants to fund floodplain management training and other floodplain-related education and outreach activities in Texas.

· Assisting the TFMA Governmental Relations Committee in its efforts to inform the Legislature about flood-related issues as Legislators develop law and budgets to improve floodplain management programs in Texas. 

· Review and approve official TFMA outreach materials.

· Review and approve conference locations and publications.

· Provide overall guidance for TFMA support during disaster response and recovery activities.

· Assisting the TFMA Executive Office with developing and maintaining corporate relations, as well as marketing and soliciting sponsors and exhibitors for TFMA conferences and workshops, as needed.

· Overseeing TFMA financial contracts. 

· Completing an annual performance evaluation with the Executive Board


Application Process:


Submit your resume to Markie Casebier, TFMA Office Manager, 


How to Apply / Contact



Texas Floodplain Management Association


Position:         TFMA Deputy Executive Director

Location:       Remote\TBD



The Texas Floodplain Management Association (TFMA) seeks to hire a Deputy Executive Director (DD) who can use their expertise to support the Executive Director (ED). The Deputy Executive Director will be available, as appropriate, to assist TFMA in successfully transitioning the ED to retirement. At which time, the DD may be considered for the ED position at the discretion of the TFMA Board.  The Deputy Executive Director role will be a part-time position with the option to transition into a full-time role if desired by the TFMA Board.


TFMA is an association guided by our core values:  Integrity, Excellence, and Stewardship. TFMA is made up of extremely passionate and purpose-oriented people. Our ideal candidate for this role will uphold the desire to maintain TFMA core values and continue to strengthen our foundation built on trust and transparency. We expect that this candidate to be engaged in meaningful work that responds to organizational and community needs.  Because we have a desire for the selected Deputy Executive Director to transition into the Executive Director position upon the current Executive Director’s retirement, many of the qualifications and responsibilities mirror that of the Executive Director role.


Application Process:

Submit your resume to Markie Casebier, TFMA Office Manager, 

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