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2019 Fall Summit Presentations


2019 TFMA Fall Technical Summit Presentations

Summit Opening Plenary Session - Thursday, August 29, 2019

8:15 - 9:00 am   "Risk Rating 2.0: Progress to Date and Next Steps (FEMA)

9:00 - 9:30 am    "Floodplain Management Perspective from a Hays County Judge (Hays County) NOT AVAILABLE

10:00 - 10:30 am "TWDB's Implementation of Flood-related Legislation from the 86th Session" (TWDB)

10:30 - 11:30 am  "MAAPNext - A Next Step to Evolving Floodplain Mapping (HCFCD)

Friday Closing Plenary Session - Friday, August 30, 2019

8:00 -9:00 am          "San Pedro Creek Culture Park - Past, Present and Future" (Pape-Dawson)

9:00 - 9:30 am         "Developing a Local Floodplain Management Program in Fort Worth (City of Fort Worth)

10:00 - 11:00 am    "Hurricane Harvey Recovery: Modernizing Drainage Systems Inside a Fully Developed Levee (FBC LID2)

11:00 am - Noon    "How the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Can Save Your Community Money (FEMA)

Wednesday, August 28 Concurrent Sessions

Track A - Stormwater Management

A1   Drainage in South Texas - Where Does the Water Go? (Scheibe Consulting, LLC)

A2  TxDOT Drainage: A Collaborative Approach to Mobility Improvements (Halff Associates, Inc.)

A3  Clear for Takeoff: Development within an Overflow and  the Protection of Sugar Land Regional Airport (Jones & Carter)

A4  Developing Integrated Floodplain Management from Scratch –  The Story of the Chehalis River Basin (WEST Consultants)

A5  “Make Weslaco Drain Again” - Managing Expectations for a Community Response (Halff Associates, Inc)

A6  Detention Pond Channel Restriction Outlet: Multiple Modeling Approach Case Study (HDR Engineering)

A7  City of Mineral Wells Stormwater Utility Rate Study: What, How, and Why (Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam)

Track B - Floodplain Management (Part I)

B1  TFMA Flood Model (City of Grand Prairie)

B2/B3  Floodplain Management and Construction Requirements and the Effects on NFIP Flood Insurance ( NOT AVAILABLE

B4/B5  Mock Public Meeting: Interactive Outreach Training (City of Austin) NOT AVAILABLE

B6/B7  Professional Ethics for Engineers (Freese and Nichols, Inc.)

Track C - Atlas 14/DAMS

C1 Impact and Regulation using NOAA Atlas 14 – Community Reaction to New Rainfall Data (Halff Associates, Inc.)

C2  Can You Spot a Trend between (Atlas 14) Rainfall vs Flow Rates in Bexar County? (Pape-Dawson Engineers)

C3  Rainfall Statistics: A Guide to Incorporating Atlas 14 Rainfall Totals (Gauge Engineering)

C4  From Point Cloud Lidar Data to 3D Building Mapping (TWDB) NOT AVAILABLE

C5  Lessons Learned from a Benefit-Cost Analysis of Dam Ownership (Fort Hood)

C6  Overview of TSSWCB Flood Control Program and S.B. 500 Supplemental Appropriation (Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board)

C7 Sunset Valley Regional Detention Dam Retrofit (Miller Gray) NOT AVAILABLE

Track D - Disaster/Resiliency/Flood Warning

D1  Flood Mitigation and Resilience in Southeast Texas (The University of Texas at Arlington)

D2  Web Based Flood Maps for Emergency Managers (WEST Consultants, Inc)

D3  Toward Developing a Flood Resilient Community  (CivilTech Engineering Inc.)

D4 Updates on the development, operation, and maintenance of the Harris County Flood Control District’s Flood Forecast Program (HCFCD)

D5 North Central Texas Collaborates on Flood Warning: A Cooperative Success Story (North Central Texas Council of Governments)

D6/D7  Flood Early Warning in Texas – Current State of Affairs (Scheibe Consulting, LLC)

Thursday, August 29 Concurrent Sessions

Track E - Hydrology & Hydraulics  NOT AVAILABLE

Track F - Floodplain Management (Part Two)

F1  The 411 on 404: How to Navigate Your Project Through the Clean Water Act (Freese and Nichols, Inc.)

F2/F3  HB3167 and Floodplain Management (Doucet & Associates, Inc.)

F4  Flood Planning in the Lower Colorado Basin (Halff)

F5/F6  Open Discussion with Floodplain Administrators (City of San Marcos) NOT AVAILABLE

Track G - Stream Restoration and Green Infrastructure NOT AVAILABLE 

Track H - San Antonio Local Showcase NOT AVAILABLE

Track I - State and Federal

I1/I2  Leveraging Relationships and Agency Products

I3  NOAA 14 Precipitation Atlas, NRCS-TX Rainfall Distributions, and Dimensionless Unit Hydrographs (USDA - NRCS)

I4  HEC-MetVue and Storm Transposition (US Army Corps of Engineers)

I5  Base Level Engineering (TWDB)

I6  Floodplain Ordinances (TWDB)




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